Shipping Policy

Kitch'n aims to make shipping easy you. Below is our standard shipping policy. 

  • Shipping starts at $7.05 (up to $11.18) and will be calculated at check-out. Shipping is free for orders over $79.
  • Packages can be shipped nationally excluding Puerto Rico
  • If you have any issues with your shipment or products, Kitch'n is more than happy to work with you, whether to replace or refund – your satisfaction is our top priority. 
  • We are unable to accept returns because of the nature of these products.
  • Questions? Please contact
  • Orders eligible for heavyweight handling fee 
    We are only able to ship orders within a certain weight range. Please note that a heavy-weight shipping fee will be charged at checkout if the order exceeds the weight range. 
At times Kitch'n will need to update our shipping policy. This policy is subject to change at Kitch'n discretion.