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Pure Indian Foods 11 oz. Tamarind Paste

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Pure Indian Foods 11 oz. Tamarind Paste
Pure Indian Foods 11 oz. Tamarind Paste
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Pure Indian Foods

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Pure Indian Foods 11 oz. Tamarind Paste
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Tamarind Paste is made from the concentrated fruit of the tamarind tree. These beanlike pods contain a dark brown fibrous, sticky pulp that becomes sweeter as it ripens. This tamarind paste is made with less ripe pods, making it perfect for adding a sour and tart flavor to chutneys, curries, sambhars, marinades, stir fries, and noodle dishes like pad thai.

The sour taste in tamarind comes from tartaric acid. The acidity means that tamarind can be used much like citrus in cooking. In India, it’s used to add sourness to curries. In Thai or Chinese cuisine, it’s added to hot-and-sour soups. In the Middle East, it’s used to make many refreshing summer drinks. The ripe fruit is also eaten raw.

Refrigerate after opening. Safe to freeze for long-term storage.

Product of India. Certified Organic by NJDA.

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