STARFRIT Mechanical Retro Analog Kitchen Scale in Black

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If the secret to becoming a great baker is precision measurement, then a scale is a necessity. This beautiful, Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale from Starfrit Gourmet has a generous 11-pound capacity and weighs in 1-ounce increments. It comes with a pretty stainless steel bowl that you can mix and measure in, and it's removable for easy cleaning.

  • Retro design brings a classic look to any kitchen
  • Suitable for any ingredients weighing tasks
  • Includes a removable stainless steel bowl to hold items for weighing
  • Maximum weight capacity: 11 lb./5 kg
  • Adjustable calibration knob on top ensures precision and accuracy
  • Analog dial with metric and imperial measurements
  • Measures 8.5" L x 6.5" W x 10" H
  • Weighs 3 lb.
  • Steel
  • Wipe clean
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Imported
  • Model 092722-002-0000