Ravenscroft® Crystal Vintner's Choice Burgundy/Pinot Noir (Set of 4)

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  • Produced in the same classic wine sensitive designs and elegant hand and mouth feel of all Ravenscroft® glassware.
  • Ravenscroft® Vintner's Choice is the perfect stemware for wine enthusiasts.
  • Pulled stem means there is no distracting seam on the stem, between stem and bowl or between stem and base as is the case with most other wine glasses.
  • Burgundy/Pinot Noir has a sheer rim which provides a whistler-like mouth-feel experience, while the tall chimney and deep rounded bowl concentrates the bouquet of Pinot Noir- like reds and immerses the senses completely in the experience.
  • 26-ounce capacity.
  • Measures 9" H.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Imported.
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