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Mason Cash® In The Forest Collection Pie Funnels

Mason Cash® In The Forest Collection Pie Funnels

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“Four and twenty blackbirds were baked into a pie when the pie was opened the birds began to sing”! Baking the perfect pie is so much easier with one of these adorable stoneware pie funnels. Three forest creature designs bring a touch of whimsy to your kitchen. Each of these “singing” pie funnels helps your pie crusts to stay tender but not soggy, allowing the steam to vent effectively while the pie is baking. Each pie funnel measures 3.75”, sized just right, these little steam venting pie funnels sit on the top of the bottom crust. The pie is built around one pie funnel and with its little head peeking out, the pie is then baked to perfection. Mason cash made these pie funnels microwave and oven safe and clean up is easy as they are dishwasher safe. Enjoy the delight in a steaming tender pie when you use one of these pie funnels. This item is sold individually within an assortment. We cannot guaranty a specific animal choice.

Mason Cash In The Forest Collection Pie Funnels Product Details

  • Ceramic design
  • Chip-resistant
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe
  • Measures 3.75”
  • Items are sold as an assortment, we cannot guaranty a specific design choice.