Kühne 15.1 oz. Original Sliced Beets

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Canned Vegetables
Product of Germany
  • Kühne 15.1 oz. Original Sliced Beets
  • Kühne 15.1 oz. Original Sliced Beets


Kuhne Original Sliced Beets is a jar full of perfectly sliced tender red beets pickled in distilled vinegar, sugar, and salt infusion that ideally preserves the flavor of red beets and adds a touch of salty goodness to the pickles! Made without any artificial ingredients, each beet is hand-picked and ideally prepared for you to enjoy!

Pickled vegetables are one of the staples of the German household! From gherkins and onions to cabbage, beets, and a wide range of mixed pickles, Germany is famed for its love of pickles. Believed to originate in ancient Mesopotamia around 2030 BC, pickling vegetables is a practice that can be found worldwide. Characterized by their rather sour, salty, and savory taste, pickles are a fantastic food that’s perfect for adding to other dishes and enjoying on their own.

Original Sliced Beets by Kuhne make for an exceptionally versatile pickled vegetable option that not only can be enjoyed on its own straight out of the jar but can also enhance your salads or create the classic Pickled Beet Salad with Chickpea Mash salad! Add them to your sandwiches, and enjoy them with gnocchi, risotto, or eggs!


Red Beets, Water, Distilled Vinegar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup (From Wheat and Corn), Sugar, Salt, Natural Flavors.
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