(Updated 6/17) 

To all  Kitch’n Customers:

My name is Michael, as the owner of,  I want to thank you for shopping with us and hope all the people receiving the purchases are enjoying them.

This letter concerns what is currently going on with the company during the COVID-19 pandemic..

We are a small company, and since March, when many states had a shelter-in-place law, I have had a skeleton crew working in the warehouse for safety reasons. Though things have gotten a little better, I am still keeping the warehouse the same, because I do not wish to take any chances with anyone’s health. Since the warehouse is working with a skeleton crew, the process is taking a little longer and I appreciate your patience. I have a total of 11 people working in the warehouse, including myself.  

Unlike most warehouses where everyone has one job, we all do the same thing every day; we work on an assembly line: (1) we all pick the orders; (2) we then sort the orders; (3) we then pack the orders; and, (4) then we load the truck.

The last employee is the one that has the hardest job as the customer service agent. This is the person who is receiving your emails/texts/voicemails, and tries to get back to everyone, but due to the amount of correspondence, has trouble keeping up.

This email to let you know your order(s) have been received and your emails have been received.  We are working to get all orders out as quickly as possible.  Some orders will ship partial (we will also work to make sure we can get the rest of your partial orders out);  some orders are being shipped directly from the manufacturers.  Just like us, the manufacturers are also having their own issues keeping up as well.

Once again thank you for shopping with us.

Thank you for supporting a small business.

We appreciate your patience.

Most important: Stay Safe and  Stay Healthy.


Thank you.

Michael E. Miller