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Fillet Knives

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    Hammer Stahl

    Hammer Stahl 7" Fillet Knife

    Sharp - a word that can accurately describe both the edge and the appearance of the Hammer Stahl 7” Fillet Knife. This beautiful fillet knife has graceful lines and is as effective as it is attractive. The thin blade allows for absolute precision...

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    BergHOFF® ProSafe 5-Inch Fillet Knife

    The BergHOFF ProSafe 5-Inch Fillet Knife is your g-to kitchen tool when prepping and filleting your favorite fish dishes Easily sharpened and holds edge well Safe, high-impact, and slip-resistant Antimicrobial-treated to protect the handle ProSafe Soft...

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    BergHOFF® ProSafe 9-Inch Fillet Knife

    BergHOFF ProSafe 9-Inch Fillet Knife is a professionally crafted kitchen tool with a flexible blade to make fileting easierLI> Easily sharpened blade holds its edge well Low temperature resistant design Handle is high impact and slip resistant Full...