Baking Tools

Everyone has an item in their kitchen that they just can’t do without. For some it’s a favourite wooden spoon, for others it may be their cook book holder, while for others it might be a rolling pin that they’ve had for many years. If you haven’t yet found your indispensible kitchen item, then take a look here at Everten’s selection of baking utensils.

A possible future favourite on Everten may be the P’s of Cake Cutter, available in cream, white, green and orange. This handy tool cuts slices of cake neatly and without showers of crumbs. Getting a good baking set for your kitchen is a great idea, and having the Rosti Margrethe 5pc Baking Set will make you wonder why you have been putting up with lots of mismatched pieces for so long. This set, made in the Netherlands, is comprised of five essentials: a mixing bowl with lid, a scraper, a whisk and a pastry brush.